There is no hope of salvation in the modern world. All organisms must be federated under the broken system of humanity for it to function, and our elites are determined into making it happen and transform us into good-for-nothing cattle until they automate everything, at which point we won't be needed anymore. I'll give you the liberty of thinking about what will happen to you and me when we are not needed on this planet anymore. And I'm not talking about 'capitalism' or whatever it is you want to blame.

I'm talking about technology. Everything that is currently happening happens because we can know about it, see it all in 4k ultra-HD and ultimately forget it, as the next information comes to us; this endless stream of data, always something happening, there's this and that all the time it never stops.

The '1984' dystopia, the 'Brave New World' is already up and running. What would someone from the 50s or 60s, even the 70s think about our current world? They'd scream, they'd say 'what the fuck is this?' and maybe ultimately try to stop it. Show someone from the 2000s, 2010s something, they couldn't give less of a shit. I know, I know, I sound like a boomer, but ultimately it's true. The stream is so fast and so intense you cannot keep up with what's being offered to you at all times. I should try to run an experiment on how many instagram post a zoomer can see in a day, maybe it has already been done, wouldn't hurt to know how our 'future' is being brainwashed into accepting all the bullshit that's happening, and not do anything about it because of boogeymen created by our wealthy elite.

Racism, sexism, 'ableism' (whatever the fuck that means), all these are non-issues designed to make us oppose each-other. 'Get cat against dog and the mouse is safe', and right now? The mouse is the global elite, the one pulling the strings.

I thought of another thing. The great dumbing-down of technology. A large fucking subject. Basically, after the invention of the macOS and of Windows, computers (and by extension technology) became accessible to virtually everyone with a machine and an internet connection. But look now. Look what your regular zoomer is doing with his 'gift' of instant knowledge. He wastes it on 'social media', lets big, technocratic corporations syphon his data and doesn't even think about it. And if you point it out you become this 'weird guy' who has 'something to hide'. Well duh, you fucking idiot. I fucking hate these cocksuckers so much I've started thinking of parades to their 'ultimate reveal', you've got nothing to hide? Show me your boobs, or your dick, or your credit card number, you hypocritical slave. For fucks sake. These people are brainwashed, and I've lost hope of ever guiding the cattle back to the light. Hey dude, quit discord, it's ran by a jewish fucker who bans everything and everyone who doesn't believe in the gender theory! 'Oh but all my friends use it' FOR FUCKS SAKE STOP THINKING WITH THE MASSES START THINKING FOR YOURSELF HOLY SHIT.

Typical fucking response from an over-socialized individual. Ted Kaczynski was right, this world is doomed because technology exists and because it's accessible to the masses. Adoption is key for people to join something, but the more people join the more people ask for the thing in question to be 'simpler' and 'more accessible'. Just like what's happening to the GNU/Linux desktop. Unironically Luke Smith was right, all is going to get replaced with flatpaks, they're going to get rid of the GNU utils and just go on with the flow of trannies wanting codes of conducts and 'simpler', nay, dumber products. When this happens I'll probably migrate to NetBSD or something. I'm just so tired with this shit, I left my cozy life on Windows 10, I went out of my way to stop my gaming addiction by installing Arch, I'm just so done dude. I might back everything up and re-install it, got too much shit on my system now, I need a need-clean. Good times in perspective.

Welp I guess this is it for today, see you later for another rant. Oh, and anon?

Merry christmas. :)


Well, we are now up and running on neocities, for christmas day nonetheless. It's a special feeling for me to know that this website will be read by somebody and not just by me. Feels great to have people to talk to, even if they are on their own machine reading the thoughts of a deranged mind. Welcome back then, to schizocentral.

This day has been pretty good to say the least. I've done nothing but sleep and being on my machine all day. I've re-installed Arch Linux because I had too much shit on my base installation that I wanted gone. Yeah sometimes the though of having a 'filthy' machine triggers in me an OCD-like reaction. Just like wanting to set up a window manager. I use GNOME because I like it a lot but every now and then I'll have this feeling creeping in of wanting to set up xmonad, even though I know very well I'm not going to actually finish the config and that window managers are mostly useless and here for some bling-bling; also it's maybe due to the fact I don't use reddit and do not wait for internet points to make me feel better about my choices, LOL. Haha funny plebbit joke gedit.

I've been also banned of an IRC I've been chatting on for the past few days. It feels really bad, but it happens everywhere. I got banned of my favorite minecraft server, and now of this IRC. I just push people around and don't expect any responses but when they do respond I lose my composure really fast, it's been plaguing me for a better part of my life now. God damn it I sound like an old dementia-ridden boomer again.

Peer-to-peer communications. A vast subject! I've been playing around with zeronet a little (zeronet.io) and I must say the concept of it is pretty rad: all pages are accessible only through indexes, you have to give people your page link or else they cannot find it essentially, and all pages are hosted in a torrent-like fashion, i.e. you download the page locally on your machine and seed it to other people who would want to access it, thus having more seeders et caetera. Pretty cool. I've also been compelled to try out i2p, I'll probably make a bulletin about it later when I actually set it up and try it.

Not much to say today, merry christmas to all of you reading, see ya.


Alright, today has been a good day. I have reinstalled arch linux (again) but this time I came prepared. I debloated gnome and configured it properly, and I also followed some tutorials to set up neovim and alacritty. I have also discovered that the creators of Alacritty are absolute fucking assholes who do not want users to use cmus and weechat in tabs. I still switched to alacritty because it's faster than gnome-terminal.

Le shill lion has finally been exposed, by based black man Mental Outlwas nonetheless! Today is a good day.

Also some guys from lainchan's irc are apparently going to check on my site, so guys if you're here welcome to schizoCentral, it follows GNU's philosphy of freedom so you can look at this mediocre 'code' and modify it however you like I don't care. Let's all love lain.

Not much else to say. See ya.

27/12/2020 second take

I know, I know, we're still the 27th, but some things happened. First of all, fuck alacritty. I will not stress it enough: fuck this hot garbage piece of rubbish. I have switched to kitty, which is also a gpu-accelerated terminal BUT it supports tab and the documentation is actually very well-written, kudos to the creators @ https://sw.kovidgoyal.net/kitty/ .

My point is that it's hard to find good FLOSS software these days. Between the CoCs that make NO FUCKING SENSE whatsoever (GNOME for example) or the creators that purposely fucks with people by not putting an essential feature for terminal emulators in $CURRENTYEAR (alacritty) it's pretty hard to find things you like AND that aren't flaming hot garbage. Irssi just works, kitty just works, firefox 'just works', mpv JUST WORKS, yet some programmers and FLOSS developpers actively impeed the good doing of the GNU/Linux desktop for 'muh elitism'. And I'm in no way talking about dwm or some other 'elitist' software, those are fine because they're clear in their function of being for relatively 'advanced users', but fucking alacritty? No wonder the only people who use it are hipster nobodies.

Anyways. I'm going to post my config file for kitty if you want to replicate it, it's very simple, it uses the onedark theme and the Fantasque font, the same I use on this website. Also, maybe I'm going to start tinkering with cmus, see how I can configure it too. I'll keep you updated with my shit later. Have a good day.